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Animal House Kennel Grooming Salon

Your family pet deserves a fresh smelling bath and clean up! We pamper your pet - dog or cat, long-haired or short-haired - with medicated and flea baths...scissor finishing...and TLC (no tranquilizes used).

We have spa treatments and grooming techniques that you could never do at home. Our groomer, Jennifer, provides professional grooming 6 days a week.

We use the Hydrosurge bathing system, which uses water, air, and shampoo to penetrate the pet’s coat, gently cleans and massages to the skin.

Our grooming staff is experienced in bathing and trims.

Regular grooming not only helps pets look (and smell) better, it keeps them healthier, as well.  

Often we are asked to bathe pets to remove noxious odors, i.e. skunk, depending upon the severity of the condition - it is not guaranteed that all of the odors can be removed as sensitive areas such as around the eyes, ears, and nostrils, etc. can't be suds effectively. In many cases it will take multiple bathing to remove most of the odors.

Yes, We Groom Felines - not many salons do these days!



Why may my dog need a shampoo and dry before coming home from a boarding stay? Boarded pets do not stay as clean as they do at home for several reasons. Although our staff is vigilant in scooping and cleaning dogs may soil their feet and coat. Longer coated breeds will become more soiled than shorter coats but to ensure a happy and sweet smelling homecoming we provide a very nominally charged shampoo & dry prior to going home.

Our Grooming Department is Open
Six Days A Week - Closed On Wednesday


Animal House Kennel
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Drop off and pick up 7 days
a week, except holidays

Mon – Sun Morning Hours
 from 10:00am-12: 00pm.

Mon - Sun Evening Hours
from 4:00pm – 6:00pm.

Our Office is Closed
 for pick-up and drop off
 on the 7 major holidays

Six Days Weekly
Closed Wednesday