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Our Boarding Rates & Fees

Dogs:    1st   dog is $30.00 a day,
                2nd dog is $27.00 per day (10% less than 1st dog)

Cats:     1st is $13.50 per day,
               2nd  cat is $11.50 per day

About Our Pricing
:  we are like a hotel, no matter what time you drop off you are charged for that day and if you pick up by the 11:00 AM check out time there is no charge for that day.  A $ 10.00 surcharge is applied for the holiday day itself.  We accept cash or checks and MC/VISA.

Exercise & Walking: We walk 4 times a day – during walks we play Frisbee, ball and run with them, or pet them. The yard we walk in has 6’ privacy fence and 2 times around is a ¼ mile. We keep the dogs on flex-leads at all times.

Doggie Day Care available for $13.00 a day between 8:00 AM and 5:45 PM. The dogs go out and have supervised play during the day when the weather allows.  Individual

Playtime: Our daily Playtime sessions can be scheduled for a small additional fee. You can choose from a variety of one-on-one activities depending on your pet. From active play like ball catching to a peaceful, easy stroll or cuddle, each guest is given undivided personal attention. And, of course, lots of petting is always included.

Premium Dog & Cat Foods:  We serve Iams and Eukanuba food products, or you may bring your own diets as long as it is pre-bagged meal sized portions in ziplocks marked with your pet's name and last name..

If Someone Else Drops Off Your Pet For You: If you have made arrangements for someone else to drop off your pet for boarding please let us know so we can set up the details of your pets stay with you over the phone.

Pick up and Delivery: Available and charged according to distances. Call for pricing.

Articles Brought in With Your Pet: will be returned clean as we frequently wash bedding belonging to a pet guest. Please do not bring anything that can't be washed in hot water and cleaners. Pets use articles brought in with them as toys and chewing play things, so please do not bring any item which you do not wish to be chewed. Also, large cedar filled pet beds are difficult for us to wash easily so we discourage you from bringing large beds. we provide comfy bedding such as blankets and lambskin rugs to cover the floor of the suites. Items from home might include toys, towels, small blankets, etc. for these items will contain your household smells and make the pet feel more comfortable while away from home but we can not be responsible for items which may be lost or eaten.

Please limit the number of items to 2 or 3 pieces. Label all items with your last name and the pets name. Keep in mind we do not guarantee return of these items. If you bring it, we DO NOT guarantee it’s return…please only bring items you consider to be “disposable”. Do not bring your pet’s favorite toy. It may not come home with you. Bring new things that will stimulate your pet’s interest. 

No Rawhides Please!


Animal House Kennel
24100 Griswold Road
South Lyon, MI 48178
Ph.   (248) 486-1706
Fax. (248) 446-1983


Drop off and pick up 7 days
a week, except holidays

Mon – Sun Morning Hours
 from 10:00am-12: 00pm.

Mon - Sun Evening Hours
from 4:00pm – 6:00pm.

Our Office is Closed
 for pick-up and drop off
 on the 7 major holidays

Six Days Weekly
Closed Wednesday

Bathing: Grooming or bathing is recommended for all pets at departing date. Any pet in the kennel in need of a bath will be "kennel bathed" at a nominal fee.  If a dog is soiled during the stay, it will be bathed prior to going home at owner’s expense.

Health: All pets arriving must be in good health with vaccination records current. Any pet with signs of pest infestations will be bathed and dipped at the owners expense.

Vaccination Requirements:

Kennel must be provided with proof of all required vaccines prior to boarding.

Emergencies: If there is an emergency, we contact your veterinarian first. If he or she is unavailable, we contact another veterinarian. Then we call you at the emergency number you provide.  Please notify us about any pertinent medical history or problems with your pet.

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